This reflection on unique stone bathtubs is brought to you by us at Ancient Surfaces. Our bathtubs are inspired by the lasting power of art and the humanity that has rendered it so vibrant and lively. We offers its clientele aesthetic and functional stone works of art.

We hope to shows everyone our captivating and one of a kind hand carved stone bathtubs. Unlike all other bathtub one can come across we warranty our tub masterpieces for a lifetime. Our creations are inspired by ancient civilizations and were hand chiseled with the same care and attention to details Greek artisans would have had.

Our tubs will timelessly serve you without faltering because of the true Oolitic limestone blocks they were carved from. From concept to completion, The Oolitic Limestone doesn’t leave the hands of our fine stone artisans that are passionate about transforming any creative idea into a functional artistic expression.

Every single bathtub or sink stone element reflect our time honored passion we have developed for our trade. The Oolitic Maltese limestone come out the depth of mother earth is morphed with the loving hands and tools of our dedicated carvers and is installed in your bathroom in all it natural splendor.

For more information about our hand carved solid stone bathtubs please visit out updated page at:   Limestone Bathtubs by Ancient Surfaces.

Phone: 212-461-0245 // 212-913-9588






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