Make a Splash with Stone and Marble Bath Tubs


For close to 25 years Ancient Surfaces has been perfecting the craft of Bath Tub hand carving, recreating them in the exact same way those Tubs were once made.

The uninterrupted lineage of European carvers who faithfully reproduce the same copies as the original tubs from past centuries are now less than 10 in the entirety of the European continent.

In recent years we have hand carved over 300 such bath Tubs ranging from the classic to the artistic, the eclectic to the contemporary. We carve in Both Marble and hard Limestone covering an entire range of natural stone colors and finishes.

Our strong suit is customization and the ability to integrate other design elements found in a designer bathroom such as producing matching sinks shower slabs and bathroom floors all out of the same stone of similar shade and patina or offset them with a slightly varied shade of that same stone in order to nuance the tubs and render them an even more important focal point.

A surprising recent trend that we have picked up on in the last couple of years is a significant uptick in the numbers of international clientele that have shown an added interest in what we do given the great competitive edge in craftsmanship, track record and reliability we have over any other carving firm whether European or otherwise.

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